Feminist Camp

Feminist Camp isn’t really a conference, and it isn’t really a retreat. It’s a front-row seat to feminist work, activism, and action beyond classroom theories. Our camps are designed so that campers can explore the landscape of feminist work, learn about themselves, and start envisioning what their feminist futures might look like. 


Feminst Camp





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Brand Identity

We introduce campers to fellow feminists who get sh*t done: by working for non-profits, volunteering, creating art, organizing, protesting, running businesses, and translating theory into action. With these connections and inspiration, Feminist Campers leave with a renewed sense of direction and the confidence to make the next move

This Feminist Camp logo was created by using the typeface Activist as a base designed by a female type designer from Russia, Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, in 2014 and commissioned by the Anticorruption Foundation. The logo is designed to have a bold and sharp look-and-feel, therefore some of the letterforms from the original typeface was customized to match the concept.

The equal sign was incorporated into the Feminist Camp logo to represent equality for all by breaking the word ‘feminist’ in half to fit into the rectangle shapes that are the equal sign.

Primary Logo

Primary Logo

Color and Typography Palette


Brand Application

Brand Application


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