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Are you looking to increase your website traffic or increase the number of sales that you make online?  If so, you are urged to examine pay per click advertising.

Pay per click advertising, if properly implemented, can give you exactly what you need; an increase in website traffic and an increase in sales.

As it was mentioned above, for a pay per click advertising program to work to your advantage, you need to use it the proper way.  Pay per click advertising may seem tricky and a little bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, depending on the pay per click advertising program that you choose to join, you should be given a detailed, step-by-step guide. Speaking of choosing a pay per click advertising program, the program you choose may have a huge impact on your success.

Two programs that you may want to examine include Goggle Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing; both come highly rated and recommended.  In fact, they are both known to produce results; positive results.

In addition to choosing a pay per click advertising program, you also need to examine your keywords.  If this is your first time using a pay per click advertising program, you may be unfamiliar with keywords and their purpose.  Pay per click programs use keywords to make sure that your ads appear on relevant pages.

Having your ads appear on relevant, related pages is known to improve the chances of a click and later a sale.  In fact, the keywords that you choose can ultimately decide whether you can successfully benefit and profit from joining a pay per click advertising program.

That is why it is extremely important that you choose your keywords wisely. Speaking of choosing your keywords carefully, you don’t just want to choose them; you also want to research them.

Unfortunately, there are many online business owners that do not realize there are tools online that can help them research and examine keywords.  To be completely honest, these online business owners are often the ones who end up finding pay per click advertising programs unsuccessful, a waste of money, or a waste of their time.

The reality is that pay per click advertising programs are anything but that, but you need to know how to use them and other helpful online tools. As it was mentioned above, you should research and examine keywords. You can do this research with tools that are known as keyword research tools.

Online, you can find a number of keyword research tools, which are also commonly referred to as keyword suggestion tools. These helpful resources can be found online, easily with a standard internet search.

Despite the fact that there are multiple keyword research tools out there, you may want to examine the keyword suggestion tool that is hosted by Digital Point at

To get started, you need to enter in a keyword or a keyword phrase. For the most results, try one word, instead of a phrase.  You will then need to enter in a security verification code; this is needed to keep the service free. You will then be provided with two lists, one from Overture and one from WordTracker.

These lists contain keywords or keyword phrases that internet users searched with, through search engines, and how often those searches were performed.

As you likely already knew or assumed, you will want to select keywords that are related, in one way or another, to your online business or the products that you will be selling. For instance, if you run an online store that sells bedding, you will want to use a few of these popular keywords “crib bedding,” “bedding,” “baby bedding,” and so forth.  Your pay per click advertising company will use the keywords that you choose to determine where your ads should appear and on what websites.

As you can see, the keywords that you choose are extremely important, when it comes to successfully using a pay per click advertising program.  Not only will the right keywords help to

increase your sales, but they will also help to save you money. While you are only charged when one of your advertisements are clicked, it can get quite costly when your ads are being clicked with no purchases made.

Related keywords ensure that the right market is targeted; thus increasing your sales numbers.


To your success,

Nsikak Udoh

P.S. Perhaps, keywords are the most important aspect of pay per click programs.  For the ultimate chance of success, choose your keywords wisely.

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