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What it's like to work with SparkNerds?

While some agencies will tell you about their community awards and conference room with herbal tea, palo santo, and bean bag chairs, we'll tell you about the work we've done for our clients. At the end of the day, your project comes first. We'll have fun along the way, but our main focus is creating and developing the best work we can to ignite your creative spark. We pride ourselves on streamlining businesses that pay for themselves.

What if I'm not sure about the design or the strategy?

If you aren't sure about the design or the strategy, then let us know. We'll talk through your needs and pain points to develop a strategy that works for you. We want you to feel confident and excited about your project. If something doesn't feel right about it, then we'll work together to find a solution that works.

What's the difference between a logo and a brand?

A logo is a graphic or typographic symbol that identifies your company. A logo is part of your company's brand identity that represents a part of your brand's story, but not everything.

Branding is more than a logo and a clever tagline. Your brand tells the story, message, and values of your company. Branding is when all of the different elements like your logo, social media posts, and marketing materials all tell the same story consistently. And when that happens, remarkable things occur.


What all is included in my branding project?

Because no two companies are the same, no two branding projects are the same. Your branding or rebranding project might include:

    • Logo Design: to capture the spirit of your brand.
    • Logo Variations: to move your brand forward in various ways.
    • Brand Guidelines: to help you communicate your brand story.
    • Brand Story: to inform you about your buyer personas and what motivates them.



What happens after developing my brand?

Creating the strategy is really just the start of it all. Your branding will need a lot of collateral like a website, business cards, signage, automated emails, and a whole slew of other stuff. Our team offers the tools you need to execute your new brand, if you want to focus on growing your business instead of juggling all of the marketing. 

How can you help me?

With years of experience in customer service, digital technology, and creative  branding, we can customize your business to reflect your story, streamline your work process, and improve online platform recognition of your business.

How long will it take to make my website?

It really just depends on your brand, content, and the website's framework. No two websites are exactly the same. We always work with your timeline, but we need all the pieces to the puzzle to get the ball moving. After we talk about all of the details of your project, we can give you a realistic timeline.

How much does your services cost?

The price depends on how large your site will be, the type of graphics we have to create, and all of the little details that go into making a website awesome! At SparkNerds, we build websites that pay for themselves. If your site is generating leads that help you increase your sales, isn't the price of a new website worth it? A new website is about growing your business and leveraging your brand story, so we like to focus on the payoff.

What kind of results can I expect to see?

Our goal is to build a website that pays for itself. Because we're so focused on delivering you with a finished product the gets results, you'll see those results. We'll even help you set up the right tools to measure and track those results.

Will I be able to edit my website?

Yes! We use a content management system (CMS) to build your website, which means when we're done, you'll be able to make edits to the content. Before we turn the keys over to you, we'll make sure you understand how the CMS works and how to use it with video tutorials. We're also more than happy to help you with your ongoing marketing efforts by providing print materials, blogging services, and strategic consulting.

How does strategy impact creativity?

At SparkNerds, we do things a little differently. The strategy we help you define and build for your brand informs all of the creative elements we develop. We think about things like lead generation, increasing your ROI, and delivering your message with a creative spark that will stay with your audience.

What will I get out of a consulting session?

A consulting session is about you and your needs, which is why we ask you to fill out a questionnaire beforehand, so we know the right questions to ask and answer. We'll tailor your session to your business' individual needs. Our first 15-minute consultation will go over brief questions to see if we are the right fit to help you find your spark. 

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