Website hosting & maintenance services.

For small and medium businesses, hosting and maintenance can be a challenge and a costly affair. This is where Sparknerds steps in. We provide professional web hosting or host management and maintenance services for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time inhouse web master.

Web Hosting Challenges

Why Work With Us?


✨ Keep your site current, fresh, and operational!

Want to keep visitors coming back to your website?
Among other things, you’ll need to regularly update your website with fresh content, check for issues and mistakes, and ensure it’s up and running at all times. Collectively these services are known as website maintenance services and at SparkNerds, we’re experts at this!
Our website hosting and maintenance services will help you keep your website updated with fresh content, solve problems before they degenerate into bigger issues, and help you keep your website protected against future issues.


😀 Never worry about your website again!

Website maintenance and hosting services may seem overwhelming to the average person. With SparkNerds, you’ll never have to worry a bit about this.
Our experts will help you keep your website operational and healthy to strengthen your SEO and encourage continued traffic.
Our web accessibility service will also help ensure your website is accessible to everyone, even those with disabilities of different kinds. We’ll also help fix performance and security issues such as website security certificate error fix, etc. All of these details can seem overwhelming but you can leave to take care of every bit while you just focus on what you do best -your business.
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💪 Get secure and reliable hosting

We offer some of the best web hosting services for small businesses. Our servers are not only secure, other attributes such as redundancy monitoring and adequate bandwidth capacity, as well as our excellent uptime track records, will help ensure your website stability and reliability.
If your website also requires dedicated servers or is in need of server migration, SparkNerds offer different hosting and maintenance packages to cover these and many more.

🛡 Guard against vulnerabilities

Too many businesses never pay attention to their web host until their website goes down. Our high-quality hosting services at SparkNerds will, however, help secure your website against vulnerabilities like this. Choosing an ideal hosting plan for your website will depend on a range of things from the complexity of your website to the monthly expected traffic volume as well as your business’s unique needs. We’ll take all of these into account to keep your website up and running.


💛 Small enough to care...

SparkNerds is a BIPOC owned and radically inclusive team of top vetted experts with innovation, diversity, and inclusivity at the core of our teams. We find it easier to coordinate quickly and efficiently because of our tight-knit group of professionals, all of whom are subject matter experts in their diverse fields. This also means we’re able to provide personalized levels of services for every client we take on whether it’s our content marketing services or local SEO services.


🌟 Big enough to deliver!

Our small team makes big things happen! At SparkNerds, we’re committed to keeping the focus and doing the fundamentals perfectly well. This has been our secret for digital success as our small team continues to make big impacts. We’ve partnered with some of the most ambitious non-profits, progressive political candidates, as well as leaders and global influencers from diverse sectors and industries. You can join them too!

What our clients say

Growth Through Branding

They took a difficult brief and delivered a fresh new brand that pushes boundaries and arms us with what we need to grow our business and expand into new markets.

Now we are armed with what we need to help us. I’m looking forward to building a long standing partnership as we continue to move forward with exciting digital marketing projects led by the Canny team.

Nick Webster

CEO, Chameleon

Brand Services

Web Hosting

Get the best web hosting service for your small business at SparkNerds! Our web hosting services will help ensure your site is hosted on reliable and secure servers. We guarantee high reliability to ensure you’re always able to engage new prospects with consistent interactions on your website.

Website Security Scanning

Along with our website maintenance services, SparkNerds also helps scan core files, website themes, and plugins for potential security risks like malware, malicious redirects, SEO spam, backdoors, bad URLs, code injections, etc. These and other procedures form the basis of our security scanning service.

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance services list includes but not limited to content updating, editing or deleting website content, SEO optimization, website analysis, and performance reports, among others. This website content management service will help keep your website fresh and relevant for website visitors.

Regular Backups

Our team handles regular website and database backup to secure your website data in the cloud. If the bogeyman ever decides to strike, you can rest easy knowing your website is backed up. This will come in handy whether we need to restore your entire website or individual files.

Security Update

Websites are highly dynamic and the technology supporting them evolves at a very fast pace. SparkNerds help ensure that everything from the content management system (WordPress) to the themes and plugins are regularly updated to guard against malware, hacking, and other cybersecurity risks.

Site Monitoring

SparkNerds offer a comprehensive website monitoring service to keep your website protected from cybersecurity risks of all kinds from malware to brute force attacks, hacking, spam comments, spamvertising, etc. Left alone, these risks can bring your website to its knees but could easily be avoided with our monitoring service.