People's Power Grab
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People's Power Grab

People’s Power Grab is an ACRONYM program working to ensure that young people and people of color across the country show up to vote in 2020.  The program is striving to build more civic engagement with communities of color in AZ, GA, FL, and TX. The brand identity was designed to resonate messages of empowerment and unity.

// What We Did

Brand Identity

The People’s Power Grab logo was created by using the typeface Abolitiona condensed sans-serif display typeface that’s got a knack for propaganda posters and industrial buildings. This set serves as a guide to help people to get their point across loudly and clearly. The goal was to create a universal message with bright colors to serve as a positive message and motivator to encourage young people to participate in civic engagement. 

Typography Palette

Color Palette

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo




Brand Application

Brand Application

Desktop and Mobile Brand Application