Pueblo Coffee

Pueblo Coffee is a community-oriented coffee shop that provides job training to people facing barriers to employment. Pueblo Coffee serves high-quality coffee and food, while our job training program, Paso, employs people seeking job training opportunities – immigrants, refugees, single mothers, etc. In addition to regular coffee shop hours, our community space is available to rent at an equitable cost for local events.


Pueblo Coffee





What We Did

Brand Identity
Pueblo Coffee strives to be a coffee shop that bridges the gap between the economic and social classes, not one that expands it. Our Paso job training program equips people with skills, experience and confidence to increase their earning and employment potential.

It goes without saying, employment is key to having a thriving quality of life. 

The simple act of meeting together over coffee and food is a practice people all over the world share. This universal practice, in conjunction with the trend for consumers making more intentional purchases, brews a great combination for Pueblo Coffee to thrive as a business.

Pueblo Coffee wanted a brand that reflected their values for culture and community. We designed the logo to feel hand made keeping the message in mind that their doors are always open to anyone.


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