March 2020
// Client

Services, Immigrant Rights, & Education Network

Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN) began as an ad-hoc coalition of immigrant rights activists and advocates in 1987 under the name Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Services (NIRRS) in order to develop a  response to the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. For over a decade, the NIRRS was central to statewide campaigns against all the anti-immigration legislation and ballot initiatives that followed.

SIREN’s mission is to empower low-income immigrants and refugees through community education and organizing, leadership development, policy advocacy, civic engagement and legal services. They believe that all people regardless of legal status or nationality are entitled to essential services, human dignity, basic rights and protections, and access to full participation in society.

// What We Did

SIREN Census 2020 Logo & Campaign Materials

For SIREN’s campaign for the 2020 census we designed a logo that would reflect the diversity of the community and simplified their current brand identity into a matte design for print. This project includes two illustrative designs to promote diversity and empowerment of the people of color to encourage participation of the census.